15. Říjen 2018 - 19:30 až do 22:30
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The Good, The Bad, and the Irish! | The Immigrant | Pondělí, 15. Říjen 2018

The Good, The Bad & The Irish” - an extremely popular brand that offers a wide range of comedians to entertain with a variety of different styles & personalities. With SOLD OUT shows all over Europe, this show is not to be missed!HOSTMICHAEL PORTERMichael first took to the stage at a local open mic in Derry / LondonDerry in 2009. Fueled with nerves, excitement & no clue how to perform he proceeded to " die on his **** !".. However armed with the stupidity & ambition to be a comedian, Michael has come a long way since that painful winters night! A finalist in "Show Me The Funny" 2012 (Galway) his journey into the unknown has seen him perform all over the UK, Ireland & a very successful run at this years Edinburgh fringe Michael performed two shows everyday 'The Good, The Bad & The Irish' & his solo 'Love & Brain Damage'. Both shows got **** star reviews from 3 Weeks & Broadway Baby. "You can't help but admire his energy"- Derry Journal | Vivid Promotions "Understands comedy & connects with his audience, hilarious!"- Broadway Baby ALAN HENDERSONAlan Henderson is a part-time comedian and full time taco-eater stranded in Slovakia. Possessing confidence that far exceeds his looks, education, talent, and ability, Alan mixes his Southern wit and ignorance to come to terms with growing up in a cult, life in Eastern Europe, fatherhood, and his own failings. Alan is the co-host of the US/SR podcast which focuses on the comedy scene in Central Europe and once had 67 listeners from Uganda, but has yet to make a significant impact in hopes to one day own a dog, look decent in sweat pants, and win the LYNCH Gary is Ireland's Leading Mid-Life Crisis comedian. He's been gigging all over Ireland, the UK and Scandinavia since the end of the last decade. Winner of the Dublin Comedian of the Year 2011. Variably described as, 'Unusually Compelling', and 'Dangerous', he's never been called 'Funny'. Garys had 6 years of sellout shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, holding the record for most appearances at 156 over 25 days in 2012."Brilliant" - Broadway Baby"Weaves Every Comic Thread" - Three Weeks Edinburgh- The Good, The Bad & The Irish"Humorous observations, highly recommended" - Three Weeks Edinburgh"Experienced & confident in his material, making for a highly enjoyable night"- Daniel Kitson "Very sharp, I laughed" - The Stand