28. Květen 2019 - 17:00 až do 19:30
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Future of the Profession - Real Estate 2025 | Jalta | Úterý, 28. Květen 2019

RICS is engaged in an on-going project to better understand drivers of change across the built and natural environment so that it can continue to develop standards, professionals and development programmes that meet the needs of the market as well as those organisation that employ RICS professionals. 
In 2015 we published a ground-breaking report, RICS Futures: Our Changing World, which looked at major drivers of change across our sector – from the impact of technology to the rise of the new economic powers.
In 2020, we aim to publish our second Futures report, focussing on the future of the profession. What will business models look like, which skills will be required and how can professionals best serve clients and the public interest, are at the heart of this research. 
As part of this work, RICS in the Czech Republic will hold a Leader Forum, moderated by RICS Czech Republic Board Member Zofia Voda MRICS, with senior real estate professionals to discuss the following topics:

How is our profession changing DURING THIS  4th industrial revolution, in the ERA of AI, big data and digitalization?
Is the impact OF AI/DIGITALIZATION already evident in Czech Republic or are the examples only known in other countries?
If the impact is evident – how, what is it, how is your company dealing with it?
I would then address particular fields presented by the speakers (for example for valuation - automated valuations – to what extent is it helping, to what extent can be applied in Czech, resi versus office versus industrial, correcting for errors, risk mitigation plus correcting for unforeseen events etc.) Then speak in a similar way to other speakers depending on the topic.
Lastly I would like to address talent retention and skill in the profession for the future: How to attract and retain young talent in real estate? What skills are going to become more prevalent and important in the future in real estate? In other words, what influence will data, digitalization etc. have on the future job descriptions. How are universities responding to this? What is the role of RICS in this process? The role of diversity and inclusion in talent attraction and talent retention.  

Leader Forum Participants:

Martin Kotrbáček MRICS Cushman & Wakefield Valuation & Advisory
Clare Sheils MRICS CBRE Senior Director – Head of Valuation CEE, Head of Industrial Sector, Member of the CBRE Board for CZ and CEE 
Bert Hesselink MRICS, CTP Group Business Development Director 

For RICS Professionals attendance will count towards their annual CPD requirements, please make sure you record your CPD online. 
How to attend
To confirm your attendance please complete the online registration form before COB on 23 May 2019. Arrival on the day is from 16:45.
We are introducing a "No Show" policy that will result in a CZK 1000 fee for no shows and late cancellations. Members who cancel their appointments at least 48 hours in advance will not be charged a fee. You will be charged a fee if you cancel your appointment late or do not show up for our event.
A limited number of non Members may also attend and in this case a registration fee of CZK 2000 will be applicable.
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