26. Říjen 2018 - 9:00
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With GKE to Production in Minutes (hands-on workshop) | Revolgy Offices | Pátek, 26. Říjen 2018

We would like to invite you to a very special workshop prepared in cooperation with our partner Revolgy and lead by Cloud Technology Specialist - David Kotalík. 
The capacity is stricly limited so make sure to reserve your free ticket now!
In this workshop we will learn how to containerize and migrate simple Node.js application with MySQL database and Nginx from on-premises VM to Google Kubernetes Engine. We will configure few of the basic Kubernetes features i.e.:

Dockerising application

Creating deployment configuration

Traffic load-balancing and networking

Deployment autoscaling

Rollout Deployment upgrade and rollback

Self-healing deployments

Resource and event monitoring and logging

Configurations maps and secrets

You can either just watch the demo, or you can bring laptops, follow along and create your own deployment which you can then further expand and experiment on.
Prerequisites for hands-on lab:
Since we will be using managed Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform, we need GCP project created with billing enabled. This include adding your credit card information but note that whole workshop will be done within the free tier trial and no fees are applied until you would manually upgrade project billing from GCP UI console.

Google Cloud Platform project created

Creating project

Enabling billing

Enabling free tier

CLI tools prepared

Install Google SDK (gcloud)

Install Kubectl via gcloud components: `gcloud components install kubectl`

Revolgy Offices
Klimenská 1, Praha 1