15. Červenec 2017 - 7:00 až do 23:00
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EFE 2017 – Kostelní Lhota, CZ | Kostelní Lhota | Sobota, 15. Červenec 2017

Kostelní Lhota is a small village with 851 inhabitants in Central Bohemia, about 40 km from Prague. The character of the territory is given by vast fertile farmland and pine forests. Agriculture and a strategic road also determined the typical ribbon development character of the village. A wide village green along the main road is mainly created by numerous ash and lime trees.
Great emphasis is placed on linking the village with the landscape and surroundings, especially by safe cycle tracks.
Several active societies and clubs take care of the community life by developing sport activities, traditions and rich cultural life. In addition to that, in recent years, there has been a progressing citizen’s participation in the development and care of public spaces and the environment. Volunteers activities include a regular cleaning of the village, planting tree avenues or taking care of the greenery in front of the houses.