03. Srpen 2017 - 16:00
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Let It Roll 2017 | Letiště Milovice | Čtvrtek, 03. Srpen 2017

The world's biggest drum & bass festival returns for the 10th annual year on open air. Join us for the massive 3 day & night celebration of the genre.



� more than 250 names from across the D&B scene
� 9+ stages with custom made designs
� more than 530 kW of roaring sound
� visitors from 47+ countries
� rich fun day & night activities
� original festival merchandise
� luxury camping possibilities
� 30 minutes from Prague
� the most beautiful ladies :)

www.letitroll.cz // www.letitroll.eu
  • Inspirace :)
  • Is anyone interested in buying a tent inn pass?! We are selling ours :)
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  • TITAN busparty is now oficially SOLD OUT! Do not panic, there is still more to choose from to have a bus ride of your life! 3:) Tickets are disappearing quickly. 🚌 RAM / VIPER / EATBRAIN / JUNE MILLER / ROUGH TEMPO / METHLAB / MAYAN AUDIO / HOOFBEATS / SNDNB 🚌 TICKETS/VSTUPENKY: http://smarturl.it/LetItRollTICKETS TITAN busparty je nyní oficiálně VYPRODÁNA! Netřeba ovšem paniky, stále si můžete vybrat z mnoha dalších a zažít jízdu busem svého života! 3:) Vstupenky ovšem mizí rychle.
  • IIRC there was a comment here confirming a rule about the maximum amount of alcoholic drinks you can bring to the camp grounds. It's not on the 2017 FAQ. Could you clarify?
  • coming soon 🙌🌅👌 L E T I T R O L L ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
  • Label boss London Elektricity doing what he does best at last years Let It Roll. He'll be returning with fellow legends Netsky & Wilkinson on the Hospitality this stage with an increasingly rare DJ set so make sure you don't miss out! Tickets still available: HospitalityDNB.lnk.to/ojVLZHF
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  • Is there a pre party again this year?, we have booked into a hostel the night before the festival
  • Hello friends! I had a problem with my bank processing the payment for my Titan Bus ticket and ended up not actually getting one when I thought I had. I am in very desperate search of one and am willing to pay extra for it. If anyone has an extra ticket or knows anyone with one please let me know, I will be foreverrrrr thankful! <3
  • Lidi co stoji lupen nechce se mi to hledat...dekuji vam 😉
  • Don't miss grabbing your Let It Roll ticket for the cheapest price! It grows on 1st July! ;) ➤ TICKETS/VSTUPENKY: http://smarturl.it/LetItRollTICKETS Nenech si ujít vstupenky za nejlevnější dostupnou cenu! Zdražují již 1. července! ;)
  • Hi guys! Do you know whether is it going to be possible to buy just a 1-day ticket? That´d be great! Thanks :)
  • We are so excited for upcoming DNB holiday - LET IT ROLL SUMMER 2.8-5.8.2017 @Airfield Milovice, where you can catch us live and you can enjoy this and many other bangers. ;)
  • See You Warm up let it roll paris Jump up Warriors / creammix https://www.facebook.com/264889363617235/videos/1180185748754254/
  • Salut ! Il y a t-il des français, qui viennent de Lyon, qui prennent la navette partant de Lyon ? J'ai pris mon ticket, mais j'ai aucune info dessus (si ce n'est les dates), et j'ai peur qu'on soit vraiment peu à prendre ce bus, et qu'il soit donc annulé...
  • Since I haven't found any official Spotify playlist for LiR 2017. Why not let us make our own? Subscribe and add your favorite tracks!
  • Kann mir eventuell irgendjemand erklären, welche und wie viele tickets ich brauche wenn ich und zwei Freunde in einem kleinen Bus pennen wollen? Und auf welcher Seite ich die am besten kaufe? Irgendwie bin ich zu blöd dafür :D
  • Wie van me fb matties gaan hier heen dan ?
  • Hellou my Friends! Küsimus suurele ringile. Kui palju on siin eestlasi, kes 100% lähevad LIR'ile?? Oleks päris tore kui sätiks ametliku transfeeri järgi, aga 5 inimese pärast nad ei tule 😊
  • Hey guys, any news on the breakdown for sets this year?, need set times to start planning what sets I'm going too 😎😎😎
  • Hey LIR! What are the service hours for the all inclusive bar on gold/silver terraces? Are they open at night?