03. Srpen 2017 - 16:00
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Let It Roll 2017 | Letiště Milovice | Čtvrtek, 03. Srpen 2017

The world's biggest drum & bass festival returns for the 10th annual year on open air. Join us for the massive 3 day & night celebration of the genre.



ONLINE ACCESS: https://letitroll.pay.intellifest.com/
FAQ: http://smarturl.it/LiR2017cashlessFAQ


- more than 250 names from across the D&B scene
- 9+ stages with custom made designs
- more than 530 kW of roaring sound
- visitors from 47+ countries
- rich fun day & night activities
- original festival merchandise
- luxury camping possibilities
- 30 minutes from Prague
- the most beautiful ladies :)

www.letitroll.cz // www.letitroll.eu
  • Need shuttle bus tickets from Prague city to the festival anyone selling?! Desperate!
  • Měl by někdo na prodej CAR CAMP? Platím ZLATEM!! Díky 👍
  • Čaute, máme v aute 3-4 volné miesta. Ideme cez Hodonín, Břeclav, Brno, Jihlava, Kolín, Nymburk. Odchádzame v dopoludných hodinách vo štvrtok :)
  • Nejede prosím někdo v zítra Praha - Milovice a v Pátek ráno/dopoledne Milovice - Praha ?? Díky 🙏🏻
  • Hey, is there any possibility to get an one-day ticket or something?
  • Got 3 available seats in my car, leaving on thursday at app. 11AM from Prague. I can possibly even pick up someone at the airport, I live 5 minutes away from it :) Mám zítra 3 volný místa v autě, jedu trasu Beroun-Praha-Milovice, zhruba okolo 11 ráno :)
  • Ahoj! Muzu u vstupu ukazat listek (carovej kod/QR kod) na mobilu primo z mailu? Nemusim to tisknout? Dik
  • Can someone link me to where we have to register for the wrist band cashless thing?? Or do we do it when we arrive at Let it roll?
  • Hei, are there Tickets available at the doors for friday night and If so, how much are they? Thanks!!
  • Chci se zaptat v normalnim kempu nejsou sprchy???podle plánku jsou jediné sprchy u Comfort campu...
  • We come from Germany and we would like to arrive on friday and buy two Tickets at the Entrance. It is save that we can get two Tickets? Or are there Not so much Tickets available.
  • Fährt zufällig jemand von Graz/Linz/Wien/Salzburg am Freitag und hätt a noch a Platzerl frei? 😉😍
  • Looking to buy shuttle bus ticket from Prague to the festival, is anyone selling?
  • Hi LetItroll, I really want to know how this can happen. At 28/07 i bought five tickets, for me and my friends. I didn't receive the tickets so I took the effort to contact your company, but I didn't got any answers at all. I have tried to reach you by sending an email, a facebook message and I called the UKF company but also they did not respond. Finally i got an answer about 2 hours ago by mail in which you told me that my e-mail account was not registered in your system. I was freaking out because the tickets were already sold out. I've checked my bankaccount about 10 minutes ago to see if it was my fault, but there was 607eu refunded back to my account..... what the **** is this? We've booked our car, We took a few days off from work and we already got everything set to leave tonight. So i need some sort of way to still be able to get entrance to the festival, because this situation can not be for real. If it is necessary I can send printscreens of the transactions and emails through a private message. I hope to hear from you within 3 hours because then we are leaving.
  • Yo Yo, will it be difficult to get a spot at the standard camp ground friday afternoon?
  • Statek kosmiczny Concordia Negra ma jedno wolne miejsce by zabrać śmiałka w podróż na Festiwal do Pragi. Wyjazd w czwartek rano z Krakowa przy mocnych uderzeniach DNB // Concordia Negra Galactic Cruiser is offering one seat to take a fearless volunteer on a journey to Prague Let It Roll. Taking off thursday morning from Krakow. Die Hard DNB spirit required
  • Mel bych dotaz hledame ubytko v Praze.Nejakou solidni ubytovnu.Idealne v blizkosti hlavniho nadrazi..diky...
  • Jako není ta diktatura v kempu trochu mimo?
  • Hi I never bought a comfort camp pass but I'm in a dome with 7 others can I buy one there?
  • Ahoj. Nabízím 2-3 volná místa (podle velikosti vaší bagáže). Odjezd zítra, tj. ve čtvrtek okolo 14-16 hod z Říčan u Prahy a okolí.
  • Ahojte ide niekto na LIR ale až v piatok z BA autom a ma volne miesta ? :D
  • Prodám lístek do car cempu :-) spěchá kdyžtak sz :-)
  • Weiß jemand ob man da jederzeit rein kann ? Wir fahren morgen abend hin und kommen dann in der nach an und sind uns nicht sicher wir dann so spät reingelassen werden 🙄 Danke schonmal ☺️☺️
  • Quick question regarding parking entry time. Will I be able to park my ride tomorrow (thursday) at about 10 am?
  • Ahoj, jede někdo až v pátek z Prahy či okolí? Jsme dva, a pokud má někdo místo v autě, rádi se přidáme :)