25. Srpen 2020 - 13:00 až do 14:00
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Agtech Startups in the Time of COVID-19 | Úterý, 25. Srpen 2020

Agtech Startups in the Time of COVID-19

About this Event

The events of the past few months have turned the startup world on its head.

As venture capitalists shift their efforts to supporting their portfolio companies during these challenging times, funds are signaling a pullback in funding and we have seen a significant decrease in valuations.

The ability of agtech startups to weather the storm depends in part on grower’s willingness to continue investing in technology; given the restrictions in movement and social distancing guidelines, startups could also provide solutions to come of the largest challenges in our food systems today.

  • How have agtech investors responded to current events?
  • Where are startups thriving?
  • How can agtech startups position themselves for the coming “new normal”?


  • Nick Sramek — Director of Int’l Relations, Silicon Valley Forum