26. Srpen 2020 - 14:00 až do 15:30
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Taming The Virtual Beast: Managing Change & Adaptability in Tough Times | Středa, 26. Srpen 2020

The third in a series of webinars that discusses leading virtual teams through our "new normal".

About this Event

Change in times of pandemic is tough to manage. Leaders at all levels in the organizational structure must have the skills, courage, and confidence to tackle Black Swan of disruption while focusing their team on what they do best—in essence, their “zero.” Tackling change and remaining adaptable while still engaging in effective leadership is critical for organizational success.

Participant learning outcomes:

▪ How to effectively understand the impact of Black Swans and disruption

▪ Understand the “VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) Cycle”

▪ Identify the signs of a lack of adaptability to change

▪ How to identify a teams’ “Zero” and leveraging it for success

▪ How to plan for interruptions in productivity

▪ How to deal with panic, fear, and passive-aggressive responses to change

▪ Understand the “Five Step Formula for Developing and Antifragile Team Culture.”