02. Prosinec 2019 - 9:00
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Best Practice in Operational Risk Management with Dr. Ariane Chapelle | NH Hotel | Pondělí, 02. Prosinec 2019

Key Objectives and Learning Outcomes
After the course, participants will know about:

Identification of emerging risks
Risk networks rather than risk registers
Implementing ORM: the invisible framework
Selecting and designing preventive KRIs
How to differentiate and address human errors
How to use root cause analysis most effectively
Influencing behaviours for better control
Risk Reporting and Conduct reporting
Building a framework for risk culture change

From risk environment to risk culture. The course covers in breadth and depth the most topical elements of operational risk management and its challenges for the financial services industry. Taught by a world leading expert in the field and highly regarded guest speakers, the course is a must-have for all the operational risk practitioners wishing to benchmark their practice and discuss best practices. It is also a fantastic opportunity for newcomers to gain a comprehensive overview what modern operational risk managers need to know. Delegates will leave the course equipped with a new network of practitioners, a wealth of content, additional references and readings, and an open line for further questions with the trainer, Ariane Chapelle.
Who Should Attend

Heads of Operational Risk
Enterprise Risk Managers
Operational Risk Managers
Operations Managers
Internal Auditors
Compliance officers

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