23. Duben 2019 - 18:00 až do 20:00
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iOS Academy 2019 | SAP Concur, Metronom Business Center | Úterý, 23. Duben 2019

The course is aimed at students with some basic programming knowledge, in any language. The aim of the course is to teach basic iOS mobile development using Swift. 
 Course Preconditions:
To follow the course the students will require a Mac with XCode installed: the course will be taught using Swift 4 and for this reason, we strongly recommend Xcode9 or above. 
Feel free to do self-evaluation through the form before the course: 
This is the link for the slack channel for this course.
Course Syllabus:
1. Playground I
Introduction to the course, basic Swift syntax, types, and control flow
2. Playground II 
Swift collections, structs, and classes
3. iOS Application Basics
Introduction to storyboards and UI elements
4. Navigation
Managing navigation between screens
5. Tables
Using UITableView and UITableViewCell, working with protocols and delegates
6. Persistence
User defaults, Serialization, and the Codable protocol
7. Networking
How to perform network request and use background operations
8. Practice lesson 
We will work together to solve and implement a simple realistic use case
9. Extras I
Topic to be defined depending on engagement and student’s feedback
10. Extras II
Topic to be defined depending on engagement and student’s feedback