11. Říjen 2019 - 17:00 až do 20:00
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Forest therapy walk | Průhonický park | Pátek, 11. Říjen 2019

Forest therapy is a relaxing activity based on Shinrin-Yoku
The aim of forest therapy is to improve mental and physical well-being by connecting with nature. It is based on a sophisticated system of several simple activities, where we will gradually open all our senses, concentrate, awaken creativity and imagination. We will disconnect for a moment from the burdensome reality and from the mobile signal. We will slow down and begin to perceive much of what we could overlook in everyday life. As a rule, forest therapy lasts 3 hours, it is a very slow walk, which is about 2 km long. The Forest Therapy Guide will offer simple activities, called invitations, that aim to better tune into the natural environment and engage all senses. The program will end with a tea ceremony associated with light snacks.
It is an outdoor activity that takes place in any weather. So it is good to take comfortable shoes suitable for light terrain and clothing according to weather, ideally in several layers and we also recommend taking a raincoat. Take with you a bottle of water and something suitable for sitting on the ground.