24. Červen 2019 - 15:00 až do 17:00
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CalABLE - ABLE Act Account Basics | FNRC Redding Office | Pondělí, 24. Červen 2019

CalABLE allows people with disabilities who acquired their disability before the age of 26 to save more than the current $2,000 resource limit – up to $100K for SSI recipients and up to $529K for those receiving other means-tested benefits, such as Medicaid – without losing their benefits!      
What Will You Learn*The Federal ABLE Act and ABLE Account Basics*Role of the California ABLE Act Board*CalABLE Program Eligibility Requirements & Program Features*How to Open a CalABLE account *Legislative and Outreach Efforts
 Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation.