20. Říjen 2019 - 21:30 až do 22:30
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FREE Online Session: Learn HTML CSS in an hour & create your own website. | Wisdom To Code | Neděle, 20. Říjen 2019

Learn the basics of how to create a dynamic website by learning web development languages like HTML5 and CSS3 within an hour.Who this Seminar is for:- This Seminar is intended for those who want to build their career in web development. This Seminar is also for university students, amateur students, and beginners who want to learn web development.What Will You Learn:- Build front-end site with HTML5 & CSS3. Building a real-time Web Application using both languages together.Requirements/Prerequisites:- Laptop with strong internet connection. Headphones with mic. Free zoom software installed for the video conference call.Benefits:- Interactive LIVE online sessions with highly skilled tutors currently working in the industry. No copyrights on the resources provided. Full lifetime online access to resources.Seminar Duration and Timings:- 1 hour On the 20th of October Timings: US Pacific time 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM every alternate day.Fees:- FREEContact:- Wisdom To Code USA: +1 (408) 618-6665 INDIA: +91 (9136) 900-750 Email Address: info@wisdomtocode.com