28. Září 2020 - 9:00 až do 16:30
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2020 US Oracle Licensing Training Course | University of South Florida | Pondělí, 28. Září 2020

Come and spend a day learning about what’s new in the world of Oracle licensing at our Oracle Licensing Training Course.
 Licensing Oracle software is not straightforward. Most companies that use Oracle software struggle with managing the accompanying licenses in a complete and accurate manner. This can easily result in large operational, financial and legal risks.
Whether you’re investigating potential cost savings, considering moving to the Cloud or want to be prepared for an audit (or perhaps all three!) – we’re sure attending this course will be beneficial.
We will go into specifics of licensing Oracle on premise and in the cloud, walk you through the most common compliance issues, give you practical advice on how to identify risks, be prepared for an audit and set up your personal cost saving strategy.
Topics covered

Oracle License Entitlements Documents
Oracle Technical Support Policies
Oracle Licensing on Premise
Oracle Licensing in the Cloud
Oracle Licensing – most common compliance issues seen
Oracle License Review or License Audit?
Oracle Unlimited License Agreements
Commercial Negotiations with Oracle – How to save costs?

The session will be informative and interactive – so bring a pen, a pad (or a laptop if you prefer) and as many questions as you can think of!